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Prima ACR pride themselves on their excellent service record.
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Although many companies claim to "work to" BS EN ISO 9000, they have not formally achieved recognition. We have held a valid ISO 9001 certificate since 1996 and have been independently accredited to this standard by NQA. In addition, we are a member of the governments’ ‘Construction Line’ Organisation.


Prima operate a Health and Safety Policy monitored by our QA status and drafted in accordance with the legislation, plus rigorous standards from many of our clients (e.g. MoD).


We have professionally qualified personnel who can offer full technical, consultancy and design support. We are approved/registered installers for all of the leading air conditioning equipment manufacturers and suppliers.


All of our Engineers are fully trained with minimum of three years experience, most have over ten years experience. All are City and Guilds qualified, hold current “Safe Handling of Refrigerants” certificates and are trained in Health and Safety. Our Engineers have available a variety of refrigeration tools and equipment, including proprietary refrigerant reclaim units.


This is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the British Refrigeration Units Association.

  • All pipework is of refrigerant quality copper tube, 'half-hard' rigid type in preference to 'soft' coils. All bends and sets are formed using bending machines where possible.
  • All pipework is supported throughout its length in accordance with the recommended support distances.
  • In areas likely to damage from condensation caused by non-continuous vapour barriers, hangar supports or proprietary wrap round clips are used to ensure uninterrupted vapour proof insulation, which avoids the risk of condensation points. All joints in the Class 0 closed cell nitrate rubber insulation (13mm thick) are glued and also taped where necessary.
  • In areas not at risk from condensation damage, proprietary refrigerant pipework clamps with plastic inserts are used.
  • All joints are brazed with a flow of inert nitrogen gas to avoid internal fouling of the pipework with oxides and consequent possible risk of premature component failure.
  • All pipework is pressure tested to a minimum 23bar. Refrigeration Units pipework is then evacuated of contaminating air/non-condensables down to a vacuum of 23 millimetres of water.
  • The appropriate charges of refrigerant and lubricating oil (if necessary) will then be added.



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