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Installation and Design

Installation and Design

Our engineering and installation teams are equally qualified and experienced to provide a complete configuration and “setting to work” service, specifically designed to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

We fully appreciate the difficulties in implementing an environmental solution and work closely with our clients endeavouring to maintain a structured and trouble free installation process.

An installation acceptance procedure is implemented prior to final “hand over” which ensures that our clients’ requirements have been fully satisfied. This process also enables the users to gain valuable initial operating knowledge from our installation Engineers.

All installations are fully documented with a complete set of paperwork to ensure that the client’s representative has the necessary information to maintain an efficient and productive system.


The Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance of:-


✓ Freezer Cold stores
✓ Blast Freezers
✓ Chiller Cold stores
✓ Blast Chillers
✓ Beer Cellars
✓ Food preparation rooms
✓ Abattoirs
✓ Sales Refrigeration Equipment
✓ Refrigerators
✓ Freezer cabinets


• Solvent recovery
• Fruit Storage
• Milk Cooling
• Ice cream manufacture
• Bulb storage
• Mortuary Cooling
• Confectionary cooling
• Cheese ripening
• Dough retarding
• Potato storage


✓ Adiabatic
✓ Comfort cooling
✓ Comfort heating
✓ Air to air heat pumps
✓ Air to water heat pumps
✓ Water chilling
✓ Brine cooling
✓ Dehumidifiers / Dehumidification
✓ Humidification
✓ Close control
✓ Ducted rooftop heat pump systems


✓ Associated power supplies
✓ Associated electrical wiring
✓ Associated electrical/electronic controls
✓ Control panels


✓ Boiler Domestic
✓ Boilers Commercial
✓ Boilers Industrial
✓ Radiant heaters
✓ Warm air heaters
✓ Gas fired water heaters
✓ Gas fired air handling units
✓ Gas fired heat pumps


✓ Water heating
✓ Underfloor heating
✓ General heating via low and high temperature
heat pumps
✓ Retrofit heat pump systems to replace existing
gas and oil boiler systems (where utility
services permit)


✓ Air Handling units
✓ Fume dilution
✓ Fume extract
✓ Kitchen extract
✓ Smoke extract
✓ Electrostatic air cleaning (air purification)
✓ Fresh air / extract systems incorporating UV
lamp treatment with heat (energy)recovery
✓ Swimming pool environment control with heat
(energy) recovery
✓ Combined fresh air/extract systems with heat
(energy) recovery
All incorporating panel, bag and carbon
filtration as required (where appropriate).

We design, install and commission air conditioning and refrigeration systems in:

  • Offices
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & University’s
  • Hospitals
  • Retail & Showrooms
  • Residential
  • Bars / Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Government Bodies
  • Marine
  • Leisure Centres
  • Local Councils

All systems use equipment that is CE compliant and made by experienced and qualified manufacturing companies to exacting standards, enabling us to produce systems specific to individual client requirements. Every assembled system is quality inspected upon completion of the installation procedure and fully set to work thus ensuring reliability and compatibility of products.

Which Type Of Air Conditioner Should I Hire?

Our team at Prima ACR Ltd will ascertain the nature of your requirements and assess the environment and capacity that the location requires. The assessment will recommend a solution for you to consider and discuss. Once accepted the team will deliver the unit (s) to the location and set them up with instructions on how best to employ them and obtain the maximum performance value.

Pros And Cons Of A Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable air conditioning units are versatile air cooling units that can easily be moved from room to room but they do come with design features that require positioning to suit power supplies and venting issues. Additionally, some units take a greater amount of daily attention in having to be emptied of collected water whereas there are units that can express this into the air. Prima ACR Ltd will advise their customers on every aspect of the advantages and disadvantages of individual ACUs and recommend accordingly.

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