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ACU Hire

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Short Term portable air conditioner hire is well suited to home or office to overcome a peak heat gain pattern.

At Prima ACR Ltd we undertake our ACU hire packages with care and attention to the customer’s needs therefore we will take into account all the client’s requirements, such as room sizes, cooling requirements and any financial implications and provide options for selection.

Portable air conditioners offer flexibility over and above window or through-the-wall air conditioners. Many portable air conditioners have wheels and are quite compact offering moveability between rooms or offices, to where the need is the greatest. Even though portable air conditioners are mobile the extracted hot air needs to vent to the outside therefore a hose attaches to the air conditioning unit and vents through a window or door to the exterior of the building.


Our activities focus on three main areas of the environmental market place – systems design, systems installation / maintenance and or support services. All are supported by a team of fully trained refrigeration Engineers and apprentices who retain a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained through a collective 150 years experience within the dedicated refrigeration industry.

Formed in May 1983, Prima ACR Ltd has grown steadily over the years through careful management of our business activities and finances. We operate as a highly professional organisation, focusing directly on the environmental needs of our clients whilst maintaining a cautious approach to new technology updates.

Our core business and expertise lies in our thorough skills. This involves making systems “work” to achieve their objectives for the client and covers all aspects of new environmental systems implementation and existing systems alterations. Prima ACR Ltd is very much a local company that concentrates on servicing the premises of organisations and businesses UK wide. We are measured by our service and enjoy a worthy reputation for professionalism and achievement with our clients.

Which Type Of Air Conditioner Should I Hire?

Our team at Prima ACR Ltd will ascertain the nature of your requirements and assess the environment and capacity that the location requires. The assessment will recommend a solution for you to consider and discuss. Once accepted the team will deliver the unit (s) to the location and set them up with instructions on how best to employ them and obtain the maximum performance value.

Pros And Cons Of A Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable air conditioning units are versatile air cooling units that can easily be moved from room to room but they do come with design features that require positioning to suit power supplies and venting issues. Additionally, some units take a greater amount of daily attention in having to be emptied of collected water whereas there are units that can express this into the air. Prima ACR Ltd will advise their customers on every aspect of the advantages and disadvantages of individual ACUs and recommend accordingly.

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